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HTML sitemap generator tool. Use this tool to create a webpage sitemap to enable easier crawling by all the search engines 

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HTML Sitemap Generator

| by www.akamarketing.com

The HTML Sitemap Generator tool can be used to make HTML sitemap webpages for your website. A single webpage which lists all your webpages in a simple manner eases the job of the search engines when crawling your site. The customize page will allow you to change fonts, colours, header and footer of the final generated page so you can integrate it into your existing website design. Be sure to press preview before saving your HTML sitemap.

Please enter the full http address for your site, only the links within the starting directory will be included. For instance, "domain.com" and "www.domain.com" are not the same. A maximum of 500 will be indexed in the sitemap. Please check your settings before click the 'Start Site Crawl' button.

Starting URL:
Ignore Areas:
Please enter the full http address for area, use a comma to divide addresses.
Comments about this page from our past visitors
1| Arun said, 6th June 2006 @ 08:58
This does not generate site map for careable.com.au.
2| David Callan said, 6th June 2006 @ 10:40
Your site http://careable.com.au/ uses very badly designed framesets which of course would give any web crawler trouble. Frames are very 1990's and still are one of the big no, nos of search engine friendly websites. A sitemap for a framed site might not make sense unless it is done very carefully.
3| KLEAR said, 29th June 2006 @ 13:17
Great to find a html sitemap generator
4| Xavier said, 9th September 2006 @ 22:00
Great Tool! Thank You very much it saved me tons of work.
5| Wilson Wong said, 25th September 2006 @ 01:36
Thank you for this service.
6| Adam said, 30th August 2007 @ 18:15
Excellent, thanks
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