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Blogged thoughts

| by the www.akamarketing.com team

About Dave

Welcome to ‘Blogged thoughts’ my very imaginatively named blog… I wonder how long it took me to come up with that name? Well I know there is an about us page for the akamarketing.com site overall, but I’m guessing at lot of people miss it so I thought I’d put together a couple of paragraphs about myself specifically for the benefit of my blog readers (there must be some, no?). My name is David Callan, although that quickly becomes Dave Callan to pretty much everyone who I deal with which is fine. I’m 25 years old and based in Dublin, Ireland.

As far as technical qualifications are concerned, I am the proud holder of a First Class Honours degree in Computer Science from the Dublin Institute of Technology, one of the most respected colleges in Ireland. This course focused on the development of modern software and Internet systems and took four years to complete in DITs Kevin Street campus. It was hard work but I met some amazing people along the way so it was definitely worth it.

I have designed, developed and maintained many websites over the last few years (before, during and after my degree). I can’t remember exactly how I got into websites and all that jazz, I think though I was 15 or 16 and since I was using the Internet for the first time I just become really curious about how things worked and must have stumbled onto some HTML tutorial or something similar and that was that. Anyhow my current 9 to 5 job is as an Internet systems developer with ESB International, a leading engineering company. My tasks here involve working with the PHP and C# programming languages developing systems designed to make the day to day tasks of other ESBI employees (1,100+) more streamlined and efficient.

In terms of SEO and Internet marketing then, well this is something that really just started as a hobby when I was running Irish boxing news site eh… irishboxingnews.com perhaps about 7 years ago now. I obviously wanted to make the site more popular and thus started researching and testing different search engine optimisation and Internet marketing techniques. I realised that I was extremely interested and good at this so I decided to set up a site in order to share what I had learned about search engines, online advertising and Internet marketing in general. This site (www.akamarketing.com) was thus launched in January 2002.

Since the launch of this site I have continued to study and research various Internet marketing and SEO methods and then write my findings up on the same. My Internet marketing and search engine optimisation articles have been published in hundreds if not thousands of websites, blogs and ezine newsletters and in all major languages. In addition to my development work with ESBI I’m also a search engine optimisation consultant who has held SEO contractor positions with some of Ireland’s leading Internet development houses and who now offers full SEO services through this site.

Personal interests include most sports (not cricket!), music and catching up with friends over a few pints, standard issue stuff really. I’m always available on email and I’m on the mobile/cellphone most times of the day (outside of business hours too) so if you want to get in touch please see the CONTACT US link below.

12 Lorcan Crescent, Santry, Dublin 9, Ireland +353 87 9807629