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Blogged thoughts

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Archive for September, 2008

Risque company names, clever for branding or bad, bad, bad?

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

While on my way back from Naas today I noticed a van for a company called ‘Doggie Style‘. The company actually provides mobile washing and grooming services for dogs, but the first thing that caught my attention was the large words ‘Doggie Style’ on the side of the van so initially I thought the company must be in a different industry altogether. Near the company name was more ‘word play’ with what I guess is the company’s attempt at a tag line… ‘good clean fun’. The company therefore has a lot of connotations associated with its name and branding but are these risque (some would say controversial) connotations good or bad?

Of course when people are trying to come up with company names, one of the requirements is for the name to be as memorable as possible for branding purposes. Company names such as ‘Amazon’, ‘Pink Elephant’, ‘Pigs Back’ and ‘Xtra Vision’ are unlikely to be forgotten too easiliy so in that respect a company name of ‘Doggie Style’ is right on the mark. I wonder though do the (perceived) negative connotations associated with this name outweigh the advantage of it being clever & very easy to remember, I mean I sure as hell wouldn’t want a van with ‘Doggie Style’ written in large lettering on its side pulling up outside my house… what would the neighbours say? :-) Additionally does it make the company appear tacky or unprofessional?

I guess that’s only one example (send me any examples you know of) though, but I’m looking for your thoughts on the topic title, so what do you think?

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