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Blogged thoughts

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Archive for July, 2006

Google finding website location differently than Yahoo/MSN

Sunday, July 30th, 2006

Just noticed this last night, my site doesn’t appear in the ‘in Ireland’ results on Yahoo.co.uk nor does it appear in the ‘Only from Ireland’ results on search.msn.ie it does however appear in the ‘pages from Ireland’ results on Google.ie.

Here’s a little secret - my site is actually physically hosted in the United States however its IP blocks are registered to Shannon, County Clare so this seems sufficent to ‘fool’ Google, but not Yahoo and MSN. I would have thought it would have been the other way around.

It probably actually doesn’t make much of a difference to me in terms of visitors but I would like to know how this works, perhaps Google being a domain name registrar looks at where akamarketing.com is hosted and checks the registered address of the host. no? What gives?

.net magazine - an excellent read

Friday, July 28th, 2006

Well folks, I’m told some of my blog posts contain too much information and I should save the really good stuff for articles as blogs are meant to be quick and to the point, I definitely see the logic to this point of view so perhaps in the future I will try to keep the posts shorter and literally go down the route of just jotting down my thoughts in a somewhat less formal way than before.  

Anyhow I just recently became a subscriber of .net magazine. It’s published in the UK but is available worldwide through http://www.netmag.co.uk/zine/subscribe. It covers a wide ranging set of topics about the Internet and technology in general (emphasis on the word general - these is no UK focus) such as web design & accessibility, web hosting, PHP and web development, software reviews, product reviews, SEO & Internet marketing, gaming, digital photography, Google, Yahoo and MSN etc. Although the title of the mag (.net) might fool you into thinking it’s about the extremely powerful Microsoft development framework, actually .net development doesn’t get any more coverage than any of the other topics (unless of course there’s a special feature or something like that) mentioned above and hundreds of other little ‘baby’ topics in between.

The July issue has a big focus on web accessibility and in partcular talks about ‘PAS 78′, which is a set of guidelines which attempts to clarify what in practical terms needs to be done to make a website accessible. I’m not sure if anyone has read this mag but my view of it is that it’s like a lot of my favourite ezines/newsletters combined into one and it’s great to be able to give those strained eyes a break from the computer screen and read something like this offline. Great read, I’m looking forward to the next edition already, I would however like to see somewhat more SEO/Internet marketing stuff though as reading quality content about this offline would certainly be a novelty.

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