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Blogged thoughts

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Reeling in the years… Irish soccer legends special

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

While clearing out the fire damaged wreck that is my house I came across a couple of old photographs of me and my brother with Irish soccer legends Paul Mcgrath, Jack Charlton and Ray Houghton. I think the photographs were taken in the Forte Crest Hotel (not sure if this hotel is still in existence) in Dublin Airport just before the Irish team were about to set of to Italy for the 1990 World Cup.

I’m in the green looking a bit scared. Apologies to big Jack for him missing half a head in his photograph.

As usual the Irish soccer lads were very accomodating towards the fans in terms of photos and signatures. Check the photos out below, click on them to open up bigger versions :

Potential Trapattoni related headlines over the next while?

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

It’s finally settled, Trapattoni is in the FAI hotseat after about 111 days of searching. Along with him comes a fresh challenge to the pun kings of Ireland, namely the tabloid sports writers. What will the headlines be like over the next two or so years? Here’s a little taster of what you may see in newspapers like TheStar, TheSun and TheMirror:

 ‘Shut your Trap’ - Guaranteed to be used, perhaps when the smack talk begins between himself and rival managers in Group 8, or perhaps in response to Stephen Ireland if he dishes out more made up stories.

 ‘Trap Rap’ - If Trapattoni gets disciplined by UEFA, Fifa etc?

 ‘Through the Trap door’ - Perhaps in reference to getting into South Africa via the playoffs?

 ‘Trap-ped in Group 8′ - Perhaps in reference to failing to qualify?

 ‘Offside Trap’ - If Ireland or our opponents score a controversial late goal?

 ‘Trapa-phoney’ - If Trapattoni turns out to be completely useless?

 ‘Crapa-ttoni’ - As above.

 ‘Snapa-ttoni - Perhaps if Trapattoni loses the head and does a Jack Charlton/John Aldridge USA 94 job?

 ‘Trapa-stoney’ - If Trapattoni ever admits to smoking pot… perhaps in a heart to heart interview with ‘Dobbo‘?

 ‘Gio-canny’ - If he makes an inspired substitution?

 ‘The Italian Job’ - Going from his name to his nationality, of course I’m sure we will see it thrown in a couple of times too. Hopefully it will be in the context of Trapattoni engineering a big result for us and not in the context of a defeat by the Italian team.

‘Godfather’ - If he becomes loved by the Irish public?

‘Don Trapattoni’ - As above.

OK well I’m kind of clutching at straws now so I’ll leave it at that but there’s a few other good ones floating about the net, send in any I’ve missed. By the way if there are any budding tabloid headline writers among us check out http://www.rhymezone.com/ to see what you can come up with yourself.

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