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Blogged thoughts

| by the www.akamarketing.com team

Off to sunny Algarve on an extended working holiday

Well folks, it’s long been touted that my company will eventually not have a requirement for inhouse application development skills and when the final release of the new IT Strategy contained the following sentences & excerpts I pretty much knew that sooner or later the curtains would come down on my three year (circa) software development role with ESB International.

In accordance with the target Application Architecture IT & BP Function will not invest in the development of Application Development skills.

Buy Not Build - Purchase application software unless a substantial business case can be made for the development of a system in-house.

Minimise the Level of Application Development - An overall application architecture objective is to minimise the level of application development.

Rather than wait around until the development work completely dries up (and not wanting to move into the ‘Business’ side of things) I made a decision to resign and move over to the Algarve for nine or so months on an extended working holiday, in fact I’m ‘working’ (cough…) my notice as we ’speak’ and will be finished in ESBI on the 4th of April.

As for the Algarve, well the family have an apartment over there and I’ve managed to get a small bit of part time work with a Faro based web development company which should give me two-three days of work a week, of course I’m going to be looking after my usual quota of SEO work too. Additionally I’ve also got some Dublin based contacts keeping an eye out for any SEO/dev work which I may be able to take care of remotely so I should have enough bits and bobs work wise to keep me going.

On the three or four days I’m not working well what can I say… the place has 3000 hours of sunshine a year, full course meals (with wine) can be gotten for 15 euro-ish, bottles of decent beer cost about 30 cent, the beaches are magnificant, the females are magnificant and best of all the place is full of us Irish.

All the fun begins when I arrive on the 9th of April courtesy of a €12.99 Ryanair flight (thanks Michael…) so if anyone happens to be over in the Algarve anytime from mid April to the end of the year look me up.  If not don’t worry I’ll send you guys a postcard. :-)

6 Comments on “Off to sunny Algarve on an extended working holiday”
1| Dave Davis said,

Dave! I can’t believe that. I never got to burn your ears at a meetup.

Best of luck in Portugal. Will certainly look you up if I’m ever over your direction.
I’m sure you’ll have a ball.

2| David Callan said,

Hi Dave, yeah I’m looking forward to it. I might even get to know a bit of the language by the time I’m done. Not permanent though, 9 months to a year or so I’d say.

Ordered a new laptop off Dell to take over with me so I’ll certainly be still ‘connected’ while over there.

3| Niamh Redmond said,

Hey Dave,
didn’t think I’d get to read snippets of this new IT strategy ;) Hope you celebrated a good Paddy’s weekend. Best of luck for the 9 or so months in Portugal. If former ESBI people are allowed to pop in for your going-away drinks keep me posted,

4| David Callan said,

Hi Niamh, the thing is over 38 pages long so snippets I think is the way to go.

Yeah Paddys day weekend was class, next weekend should be good too. Yeah of course you should pop in, not sure what the situation is with it though, K is going to organise it for us I think, perhaps bit of light lunch and then a few scoops. I imagine it will be either Wed or Thurs - 2nd/3rd April. I’ll keep you in the loop on it anyhow.

I’ve got a big calendar on my desk, marking the days off now, really looking forward to this time away.
Working away on the customary ‘handover from…..’ doc at the moment, but very hard to keep motivated.

5| Conor O' Sullivan said,

hey niamh, i hear you got a new job, what you doing now? this is really hijacking daves blog so i better say good luck to him. dave any more snippets from strategy? didnt read it all. lol
there could be a good career in summarising or writing a dummies guide etc.
btw i sent you the list of emails as req. conor

6| Jennifer Walsh said,

David Callan….
You left without telling me??? You have CHANGED!!!!
Mail me…please…I am in the middle of exams. Hope you are keeping well!

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