This article is entitled "Advertising in Ezines". In it learn why advertising in ezines and newsletters is so powerful! 

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Advertising in ezines

| by David Callan

Advertising in Ezines has to be one of the best mediums for advertising your product, free ebook or website. If you want to reach an audience which is highly targeted and cost effective then advertising in Ezines is the way to go. You can never be accused of spamming as all the recipients have subscribed to the ezine.

Advertising in Ezines is a great way of launching a product. Imagine you've just written an ebook that sells for $19.99, you can easily have the profits rolling within a two or three day period by purchasing an ad in a targeted Ezine with 100,000 subscribers. If your ad is any way good you could sell a couple of hundred ebooks, that's a great return for an ad that would cost about $250-$500, maybe less. Ezine ads come highly recommended by all the top marketing professionals.

Among the main advantages of advertising in Ezines are:

Ezines provide a highly targeted audience

There are so many Ezines out there covering so many different topics that it's easy to find highly targeted ones to advertise in. If you've matched the Ezine to the product you're selling, you've reached your target audience to a tee. Not only can you reach your target audience, you reach them by the thousands and you should know that the more you target the better response you get, that's why Ezine ads will nearly always bring good results. You could receive tens and maybe hundreds of enquires about your product or service.

Ezines provide free exposure

Almost all Ezines are archived, thousands of people read these archives, your ad will be seen by these people at no extra cost, which can bring in exposure and extra sales on a long term basis.

Test your ads immediately

Ezines allow you to test different ads almost immediately, if an ad works multiply that ad across the web for massive profit. With offline publications you usually have to wait 90 to 120 days before you can receive any feedback on your ad.

Readers trust the Ezine publishers

Ezine publishers have developed a trust between themselves and their readers. Just by placing your ad in an Ezine it's more likely to be read because it appears in a publication they like and trust. It works even better when the publisher or editor adds a personal endorsement. All this equals more sales for you.

With Ezine advertising the competition is less fierce

Ezines offer a level playing field for advertisers. In Ezines every advertiser works within the same set of rules so the odds of your success are much greater. The best ad writers make the most money in Ezines regardless of ad production costs. Most quality Ezines have five or so ads at the most whereas offline publications could have up to a hundred, even then the advertiser with the biggest budget and therefore biggest ad always wins.

Ezines are very cost effective

Ezine advertising is not only effective it's cheap as well. A 5 line ad in an ezine that goes to 3000 people will cost you between $5 and $25 per issue. Very little risk is involved as you should always at least break even.

It's for the above reasons that I highly recommend you look into advertising your products and services in Ezines.