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Welcome. I'm Dave Callan, a 25 year old SEOer & Web developer from Ireland. I've been doing design, development, seo, ppc, Internet marketing etc. since I was about 15. This site is my canvas!

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Passing ListBox parameters into ObjectDataSource controls in ASP.NET workaround
Introducing Google Analytics API with asp.net / C#
Web developer tools included with Internet Explorer 8
ASP.NET AJAX 3.5 error - “Sys is undefined” workaround
Top 25 dangerous coding errors ‘revealed’

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Passing ListBox parameters into ObjectDataSource controls in ASP.NET workaround
I’m building abooking system at the moment and have tried to use ObjectDataSource controls as much as possible to keep things nice and clean with respect to architecture, as controls goes howeverthe ObjectDataSource is not without its fair share of ‘gotchas’. One suchgotcha I discovered was in relation to passing ListBoxesin as parameters to an ObjectDataSources...
Published : Sat, 02 May 2009 17:54:34

Introducing Google Analytics API with asp.net / C#
Recently Google released it’s Google Analytics API into public beta, which means any old joe soap developer can give it a go without having to apply. Despite the fact I didn’t apply for the private beta I’ve been looking forward to this API for a long time… I know, I know get a life. Seriously...
Published : Sat, 25 Apr 2009 15:32:46

Web developer tools included with Internet Explorer 8
I downloaded the latest version of Internet Explorer the other day and although at this stage I can’t comment too much on the browser as a whole I was pleasantly surprised by the developer tools included with Microsoft’s latest release. I’ve used the developer toolbars for IE 6/7 & for Firefox but it’s good to...
Published : Sun, 22 Mar 2009 15:40:11

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Gmail Success: Is referral online marketing the future of the net?
It seems to be a favorite strategy of those who play catch-up and end up succeeding in a big way on the net. Bill Gates used it in setting up his free email service Hotmail when he suddenly had to change gears after initially failing to see the impact that the World Wide Web was going to have. He needed an effective strategy to catch up with indust...



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